About Me

A Latter-Day Minimalist…

  • Knows what matters most.
  • Eliminates unimportant items and activities.
  • Replaces the excess with the essential.
  • Turns to the Lord and His Gospel for guidance, strength and truth.
  • Feels peace through spending time and energy on the most important things.


Hi! I’m Joy! 

I used to be a professional organizer.
I taught classes, wrote articles and helped others.
Recently, I have grown tired of categorizing, labeling, and rearranging.
I realized no matter how beautifully it is organized, stuff never satisfies.
Instead, our excess causes overwhelm, distraction, and busyness.
If we want to live a peaceful, meaningful life, it’s time to re-prioritize!

We need to determine what is most important, discard nonessential items
and activities, and design a life on what matters most.

Instead of organizing bins, we need refuge bins.
Instead of adding, we need to edit.
Instead of MORE, we need less.

With the perspective of a member of the Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints,
I am embarking on a journey to reduce my belongings, diminish distractions, and
re-focus on things that matter most. I am ready to let go of good and better, and focus on the best!
Are you?

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